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HTML Shrinker Light 2.60

Great utility to speed up your web sites by shrinking your html & script files
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Are you facing problems with the download time of your web pages? Your website contains too many redundant / irrelevant HTML codes? HTML Shrinker Light is the solution for all such problems. HTML Shrinker Light is a faster and easy to use utility that speeds up your web pages by reducing the size of your Web and Script files. As a result, the download time of your pages will reduce and they will load much faster, and this will also save your hosting fees as the pages will now need less space and less bandwidth. With HTML Shrinker Light you can reduce the size of your Web pages by as much as 35% while keeping the appearance of the page. It provides support for various file types e.g. HTML, SHTML, JHTML, CFML, JS, CSS and PHP Files. HTML Shrinker Light not only shrinks the plain html code, but also shrinks the JavaScript, PHP and VBScript code. It enables you to backup the scripts before shrinking and also provides you with a feature to restore the original files. With this, you can easily clean up your html files to reduce their size for transferring them to your pocket PC. It is a great tool which enables you to remove all images, scripts, styles, NB spaces or font tags to make your files even smaller. HTML Shrinker Light is fully configurable and allows you to activate or deactivate various shrinking options. Interestingly, this excellent utility is available for free to download and install.

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  • Compatible with most of windows OS
  • Easy to use and very user friendly
  • Supports shrinking of HTML, SHTML, JHTML, CFML, JS, CSS and PHP Files
  • Highly configurable
  • Provides restore and backup feature


  • Does not provide a batch processing feature
  • Does not provide support for OS other than Windows
  • Does not support shrinking of .asp files, .xml files, .wml/.wap files, .wml/.wap scripts, .tcl scripts and .perl scripts
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